Welcome to the Team: Joel Pierazek

The Basics 
Name: Joel Pierazek
Age: 24
Hometown: St. Pete Florida
Resides: Orlando Florida
Year started bmx and why: around 2000, I wanted this all chrome Mongoose at Wal-Mart, just to be
cool…. But then I saw Mike Aitken doing this huge unlookback on a RideBMX cover. I bought it and was like "this is cool!! I wanna do this."

Fill in the Blanks
Being a part of the Action Village team means that there is someone there that can help me out, and I
can put their name behind things I do… which will help both of us.

The first thing I did when I found out I got sponsored was call my best friend Nick Mahoney.

Thecomeupbmx.net is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com; it’s pretty much like CNN news, but a little more relevant to life... Haha

I would pretty much do anything for 100 dollars… I’m pretty short on rent lately

My favorite pros are probably about the same as everyone else’s: Sean Sexton, Chris Doyle, Nathan
Williams, Chase D, you know…

May favorite bike spot is pretty much anywhere; as long as we aren’t getting kicked out, and my friends
and I can just have a good session and sit around and talk shit, I’m having fun.

Everyone should take time to just relax, and not be so serious about everything. For me I like going out
and road biking around town just chillin.

My favorite thing besides BMX is a good combination of girls, music and partyin… haha

The last person I called was My friend Levi, to see if he wanted to go riding today.

The best advice I ever got was probably, not to be a lurk

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