Josh Eilken: Sun Ringle Trip and Edits

I just recently went on a sun ringle trip that was amazing. I went to Dayton Ohio for the DK Dirt Circuit witch was really fun. I had a great time got to meet a lot of riders that I have always wanted to meet. I also got a tour of the DK warehouse and got to shred the ramps all I have to say is that place is too fun! If you ever get the invite don't pass it up. 

Our next stop was Columbus Ohio where I finally got meet the legend him self, Steven Hamilton. He got on my bike at the famous Columbus curved wall ride and did an opp curved wall to 3 out. It was pretty sick. 

After our wild encounters with Steven and all the shredding we did in Columbus we made the next move to West Virgina which was weird because I have never been to West Virginia so I didn't know what to expect. It turns out there was a lot of good stuff there, like hills so there was all kinds of things to ride. 

We made our way to Pittsburgh. The trails in PA are real talk. I got to see fellow ActionVillage rider Chris Doyle ride trails for the first time in my life. It was a treat! Then we ended the trip at Mark Potoczny's crib where he had a sick jam in his back yard people rode all day and partied all night. 

The following four Sun Ringle edits were all from that trip!
Josh Eilken

Josh's Bike

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