Off the Record with Brian Kachinsky

Brian takes a look back at the X Games street format, his not-so-awesome legal battle over some street riding, making banger trips to Cali and taking care of business.

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Brian Kachinsky Bikes Over Baghdad 2 Interview

Action Village rider Brian Kachinsky had the humbaling oppurtunitiy to visit Iraq for the first time in 2009 to participated in the first Bikes Over Bagdad Tour. Essentially the point of the tour is give U.S. military men and women who are stationed in Iraq a performance at their base by the top bmx athletes and give them a few hours of escape, excitement, and camaraderie with guys from back home. After that amazing first trip BK had no hesitations about going on the second tour, read about his experience after the second time on Transworld BMX HERE


Chris Doyle captures the front cover of Transworld BMX!

On The Cover: Seeing how Chris Doyle spins these jumps at the Potoczny’s trails in Pennsylvania every session, the D-Man felt like he had to up the ante a bit for this photo and let his hands fly, too. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

On newsstand Nov. 23!


Gary Young Signature Sunday Bikes

Exclusive Action Village interview with team rider Gary Young. Learn about what went into the making of Gary Young's Sunday pro- model, who they are good for, custom features and overall stoke level. Check out the bikes on Action Village

What went into the making of your bike?
When Sunday and I were talking about putting a line of complete bikes together, the most important thing that we talked about was making sure that they were completely shreddable right out of the box. Since shreddability is our number one goal, we came up with four levels (AM, EX, Pro, and Signature) of affordable bikes that are ready to be ridden. All of the bikes also come with Odyssey parts--making the bikes simply the the most complete, completes.

What kind of custom features did you add to it?
I got to help pick out all the parts and color schemes that come on the bikes. Besides my Signature bike, I think that the Bigfoot Monster Truck inspired model is my favorite.  The gold parts with the blue frame, forks, and bars just look so good together.  I also helped choose all the angles so the bike has a solid overall feel.

What was the overall input that you had in developing your own pro model?
I got to help choose everything from start to finish. Check out the signature model for proof, it is nearly identical to the bike I am riding right now!

What kind of riders is the bike best for?
When we started talking about making complete bikes, I was really excited to help create something that was accessible and fun for a wide range of people. Whether you are just starting out on a bike or you are shredding the nearest skate park, dirt jumps or street, these bikes = having fun! My bike has been designed so that anyone will be able to jump on it, but more specifically they were designed for people who want to have fun riding.

Anything else really that your stoked on about your bike.
Check out the Sunday team where we built up some completes and rode them right out of the box.
Sunday Bikes


Jeff K Spotlight

Pro- Profile 

Name:  Jeff Anthony Klugiewicz
Age: 26
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wi
Resides: Eastside of Milwaukee
Year started bmx and why: 2000, all my friends in HS were riding so I decided to grab a bike and join them.

Top 3:

Reasons to like ActionVillage:
1. Amazing Team.
2. They have everything!
3. They have and continue to support Bmx threw Events and Contests.

Bike Spots:
1. Estabrook
2. 4 Seasons Skatepark of Milwaukee

People to ride with:
1. BK
2. Cohl
3. Lil Jon

Favorite Foods:
1. Sobelman's (best burgers)
2. Ian's Pizza
3. Comet Cafe

People to Follow on Twitter:
1. @Etniesbmx
2. @its_Jeff
3. @GaryJBusey
And make sure you follow me...  @jklugiewicz
(Ed note: and us @ActionVillage)

Things you don't know about me:
1.  I Love building things...
2.  I love throwing events and contest.
3.  Play way to many video games in the winter season.

Parts on your bike:
1.  My Mankind "Forward" Frame
2.  My new Profile Racing "dusted Purple" sig color hubs.
3.  My ODI "O" Grips...  They're Amazing!

Fill in the Blanks--

[www.Midwestbmx.net] is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com

I would [do something stupid] for 100 dollars.

When I was 16 I was [just getting into BMX].

To me BMX means [everything].

Everyone should take time to [look at the world around you, it's amazing].

My favorite thing besides BMX is [film/photography/editing]

The last person I called was [my Mom]

[Michael Jordan]  was my hero growing up and [My Dad]  is my hero now.

The best advice I ever got was [the best way to predict you future, is to create it]

Jeff K and friends

 Jeff K and friends got third place in the midwest BMX video contest for this submission:

Team Industry - MidwestBMX Video Contest from @jklugiewicz on Vimeo.


Welcome to the Team: Devon Smillie

The Basics:
Name: Devon Smillie
Age: 18
Hometown: Santa Clara, Ca
Resides: Suwanee, Ga
Year started bmx and why: I started in 95' when I was three because my mom raised me on Jeremy McGrath Steel Roots and Crusty Demons videos. I wanted to be like the fmx guys.

Fill in the Blanks:
Being a part of the Action Village team to me means [being apart of one of the best teams put together! ]

The first thing I did when I found out I got sponsored was [do a little dance! Then went to ride. ] 

[Facebook.com ] is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com 

I would [hang five a mile ] for 100 dollars.

My favorite pros are [The Action Village pro team! Along with Dennis Enarson, Tony Hamlin, Nathan Williams, I could go on forever. ]

My favorite bike spot is [the city of Atlanta! ] 

Everyone should take time to [enjoy what life has to offer. ]

My favorite thing besides BMX is [skateboarding. Along with bmxing, I've skated for about 8 years or so. It's fun to hop on a board every now and then. ]

The last person I called was [the tattoo shop! I'm getting my first tat! ]

The best advice I ever got was [keep movin' forward. Life goes on. ] 

With my $1000 shopping spree I'm going to buy [ A new complete skateboard! Some small parts here and there like tires, grips, etc. Clothes…a lot of clothes. and of course some new shoes will have me in a good mood!]

Devon Smillie from Eric Stewart on Vimeo.


Welcome to the Team: Joel Pierazek

The Basics 
Name: Joel Pierazek
Age: 24
Hometown: St. Pete Florida
Resides: Orlando Florida
Year started bmx and why: around 2000, I wanted this all chrome Mongoose at Wal-Mart, just to be
cool…. But then I saw Mike Aitken doing this huge unlookback on a RideBMX cover. I bought it and was like "this is cool!! I wanna do this."

Fill in the Blanks
Being a part of the Action Village team means that there is someone there that can help me out, and I
can put their name behind things I do… which will help both of us.

The first thing I did when I found out I got sponsored was call my best friend Nick Mahoney.

Thecomeupbmx.net is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com; it’s pretty much like CNN news, but a little more relevant to life... Haha

I would pretty much do anything for 100 dollars… I’m pretty short on rent lately

My favorite pros are probably about the same as everyone else’s: Sean Sexton, Chris Doyle, Nathan
Williams, Chase D, you know…

May favorite bike spot is pretty much anywhere; as long as we aren’t getting kicked out, and my friends
and I can just have a good session and sit around and talk shit, I’m having fun.

Everyone should take time to just relax, and not be so serious about everything. For me I like going out
and road biking around town just chillin.

My favorite thing besides BMX is a good combination of girls, music and partyin… haha

The last person I called was My friend Levi, to see if he wanted to go riding today.

The best advice I ever got was probably, not to be a lurk

Joel Pierazek Edit


Brian Kachinsky's Russian Adventure on ESPN.com

Check out AV team rider Brian Kachinsky and his blog on ESPN.... "If these people were fierce enemies in our textbooks, why are they giving me a high five after pulling a trick? If these people didn't like us, why are they so happy to buy me a drink? If these people weren't welcoming, why were they asking me to visit their country?"

Read the rest HERE and be sure to check out the photo gallery!


Josh Eilken: Sun Ringle Trip and Edits

I just recently went on a sun ringle trip that was amazing. I went to Dayton Ohio for the DK Dirt Circuit witch was really fun. I had a great time got to meet a lot of riders that I have always wanted to meet. I also got a tour of the DK warehouse and got to shred the ramps all I have to say is that place is too fun! If you ever get the invite don't pass it up. 

Our next stop was Columbus Ohio where I finally got meet the legend him self, Steven Hamilton. He got on my bike at the famous Columbus curved wall ride and did an opp curved wall to 3 out. It was pretty sick. 

After our wild encounters with Steven and all the shredding we did in Columbus we made the next move to West Virgina which was weird because I have never been to West Virginia so I didn't know what to expect. It turns out there was a lot of good stuff there, like hills so there was all kinds of things to ride. 

We made our way to Pittsburgh. The trails in PA are real talk. I got to see fellow ActionVillage rider Chris Doyle ride trails for the first time in my life. It was a treat! Then we ended the trip at Mark Potoczny's crib where he had a sick jam in his back yard people rode all day and partied all night. 

The following four Sun Ringle edits were all from that trip!
Josh Eilken

Josh's Bike


BK and Jeff K

Brian Kachinsky, Mike Hinkens, Jeff Klugiewicz and Grant Castelluzzo let the L train take the strain in search of new spots. Wade Young put together this edit from what went on.

Check the full story and photos in Dig 79

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