Gary Young Signature Sunday Bikes

Exclusive Action Village interview with team rider Gary Young. Learn about what went into the making of Gary Young's Sunday pro- model, who they are good for, custom features and overall stoke level. Check out the bikes on Action Village

What went into the making of your bike?
When Sunday and I were talking about putting a line of complete bikes together, the most important thing that we talked about was making sure that they were completely shreddable right out of the box. Since shreddability is our number one goal, we came up with four levels (AM, EX, Pro, and Signature) of affordable bikes that are ready to be ridden. All of the bikes also come with Odyssey parts--making the bikes simply the the most complete, completes.

What kind of custom features did you add to it?
I got to help pick out all the parts and color schemes that come on the bikes. Besides my Signature bike, I think that the Bigfoot Monster Truck inspired model is my favorite.  The gold parts with the blue frame, forks, and bars just look so good together.  I also helped choose all the angles so the bike has a solid overall feel.

What was the overall input that you had in developing your own pro model?
I got to help choose everything from start to finish. Check out the signature model for proof, it is nearly identical to the bike I am riding right now!

What kind of riders is the bike best for?
When we started talking about making complete bikes, I was really excited to help create something that was accessible and fun for a wide range of people. Whether you are just starting out on a bike or you are shredding the nearest skate park, dirt jumps or street, these bikes = having fun! My bike has been designed so that anyone will be able to jump on it, but more specifically they were designed for people who want to have fun riding.

Anything else really that your stoked on about your bike.
Check out the Sunday team where we built up some completes and rode them right out of the box.
Sunday Bikes

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