Welcome to the Team: Christopher Bracamonte

Name: Christopher Bracamonte
Age: 21
Hometown: Woodland Hills Ca
Resides: Woodland Hills Ca
Year started bmx and why: I spent a lot of time at home riding my bike around the neighborhood, then I went to a skatepark for the first time and I was hooked. I think it was 2002 that I started riding everyday

Fill in the Blanks--
Being a part of the Action Village team to me means getting opportunities to dial in my bike with good parts and possibly travel.

The first thing I did when I found out I got sponsored was
I went to the trails to celebrate.

vitalbmx.com is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com

I would do 100 hop barspins in a row  for 100 dollars.

My favorite pros are Ty Morrow, Brian Kachinsky, Chris Doyle, JJ Palmere, Mike Aitken, Rob Wise and Dennis Enarson.

My favorite bike spot is UCLA or hans' trails

Everyone should take time to dig at the trails

My favorite thing besides BMX is making videos

The last person I called was my girlfriend Kellie to tell her about winning this sponsorship

Van Homan  was my hero growing up and Dennis Enarson  is my hero now.

The best advice I ever got was if you fall, get back up and try again 

With my $1,000 sponsorship I am going to buy  some parts I need for my bike like a fork and tires, a travel bag and a few Christmas gifts for my family.


In his own words: Josh Eilken, Boken Jaw

    About six weeks ago we went street riding in San Jose, California as a part of the Road Fools project. We started riding San Jose's City Hall and we got kicked out. I still had some tricks and a line I wanted to do. Later on that night I asked Stew Johnson if he wanted to go back and get some clips and he was more than happy to go back. At this time everyone was done riding besides myself  Stew, John ludwick and Mike Hinkins.

     We pulled up to the spot and I got one line done that I wanted to do. After the line I wanted to film a 360 over this gap so I jumped it twice I wanted to get my speed right. It wasn't really that high but the gap was long and I was very hesitant about doing it. Then the security guard decided to showed up and he kicked us out so I decided to just go for it. I did not have the right speed I needed to make it over the gap and I clipped my back tire at the end of the gap and I went straight to my face. I broke my jaw in three places, knocked a few teeth out and there was a cut on my lip that I could put my finger though and touch what was left of my tooth. I also had to get stitches in my chin. Up to this point I hadn't broke a bone in my life. Usually if you hit your jaw you would think it would be lights out, but I didn't get knocked unconscious the slightest bit... I was awake for the whole thing. In a matter of minutes there was a pool of blood on the floor coming out of my ear my nose and my mouth. At that moment I knew road fools was over for me. At that time Matt Coplon the team manager for Madera rushed over in the van and I was on my way to the hospital. Thank god Mike had his trusty i-phone on him and we got to the hospital in minutes.

   When I got to the hospital I lost so much blood I began to get dizzy and waiting room was packed there was no where to sit and they took one good look at me and before I knew it I was drugged up and I had an IV in my arm. I stayed in the hospital for a good week. I cant thank Matt enough he came in and out as much as he could, Bryce Toole and Tom Villarreal stopped by once too and I was so siked. Besides them I was all by myself with no family or friends by my side struggling to move my mouth. The first day I was in the Hospital the nurse spilled water on my phone and I couldn't even call my friends because I didn't have there numbers. IT SUCKED! My mom flew out as soon as she could my girlfriend Maggie let me use her laptop so I had something to do. Staring at a tv for a week makes me go nuts. At that point I started to feel a lil bit better. I had surgery on my jaw and it was wired shut and I could only drink out of a straw, I could not eat anything.  I could not fly home because of my head injury. I guess the air pressure on the plane could have left me in a world of trouble. So my mom and I stayed in a hotel right by the hospital until I got better so I could fly home.

   I recently got the wires and all the metal taken out of my mouth and I can kind of move my mouth again. My lip is still not back to normal but it's getting there and I am still missing teeth. I hope soon I will get that fixed but I have to wait a little bit for my jaw to heal before I can do that. I’m just siked that I’m back home with my friends, girlfriend and my family. Im back on the bike now and it feels amazing.

I would like to thank everyone that was there for me. Aaron at The Athlete recovery fund for helping me out with all my bills, Matt Coplon for being more than a TM he is one of my good friends and all this would have sucked without him, Marco and everyone at props for the support and help, My girlfriend Maggie, all my friends and homies in the thegullyfactory.com crew and last but not least my family for being there for every step of the way.

 Much Love,
Josh Eilken

Road Fools BMX Crash Segment, you'll have to keep checking back for the crash of Josh in the next episode.


Chris Doyle Re- Visits his youth

Duo x Defgrip "Gettin' Nostalgic" Part 1 from DUO Brand on Vimeo.

In the years between 1996-2001 I gained some of my greatest memories and built friendships that will last a lifetime. I owe these friendships and memories to a box jump, wooden berm, and a few mounds of dirt located in Raleigh, North Carolina… 401 trails. Lucky for me, most of these memories have been well archived by one of my best friends and the best cameraman in BMX, Will Stroud. This documentary piece is a glimpse back at some of the great times and many faces that have meant so much to me. I hope you, the viewer, like this and I hope it makes you think of YOUR old spots and friends and what they mean to you.


-Chris Doyle


Welcome to the team: James Barton

The Basics:
Name: James Barton
Age: 20
Hometown: Kingston, Ontario
Resides: St. Catharines, Ontario
Year started bmx and why: I started racing BMX when I was 10 years old. A friend who lived across the street from me was the national champion for his age, and he got me addicted quick. There is no better feeling than cruisin' on a bike. By the time I was 12, I gave up racing for freestyle. More fun, more freedom.

Fill in the Blanks:
Being a part of the Action Village team to me means getting involved in a great action sports community.

The first thing I did when I found out I got sponsored was tell my house-mates at University. We had a guys night out and saw a live band, good times.

Thecomeupbmx.net is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com

I would try to ride up a 20 stair for 100 dollars.

My favorite pros are Garrett Reynolds, Randy Taylor, Brian Kachinsky.

My favorite bike spot is my backyard mini. 4 ft quarters and a small spine, I learned flairs there haha.

Everyone should take time to enjoy nature. I love being outside. It is an essential part of my life. Throw in a bike and that's all I need.

My favorite thing besides BMX is music. I am a proud metalhead. I also love ambient instrumental music.

The last person I called was my buddy Marty, hoping he could give me a ride to the skatepark. He did, awesome guy.

Ryan Leech was my hero growing up and Garrett Reynolds is my hero now.

The best advice I ever got was don't let things pass you by. If you have an opportunity to try something new, take it! Life is about new experiences.

With my $1000 shopping spree I'm going to buy all the essential parts that must be replaced every once in a while.
-I am getting a few KMC 710 chains (lightest strongest chain out there in my opinion)
-Some fit FAF-K tires for the front and an animal for the rear. My favourite tire combo.
-Animal Edwin grips.They have a soft grippy feel that I have not felt on any other grip.
-animal plastic pedals
-a new cult seat post

And some big ticket items that I am looking at that I haven't had before:
-Cult stem and fork
-Kink Empire Revision C Frame, looks so nice.
-Premium whiskey bars, so I can throw barspins like Garrett Reynolds haha.

 Rob Seymour Photo
 Josh Allsopp Photo
Josh Allsopp Photo


Free Lunch with Gary Young

Watch to find out about what Gary thinks about nuts, wedding djs, gymnastics and more!


Gary and Chris in Dew Tour Championships this weekend!

Dew Tour Championships
2010 Dew Tour Championships will be crowned
Oct 14 – 17 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Featured athletes include:  Shaun White, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Dave Mirra, Garrett Renyolds, Twitch, Ronnie Faisst
4 days and 4 nights of competitions, music, festival and parties. 
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This October 14-17 the Dew Tour will head to Las Vegas for the first time, staging the largest-scale event in the Tour’s six-year history. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Dew Tour Championships will bring fans from around the world the best competitions in action sports as the top athletes compete for the coveted Dew Cup. Taking the Dew Tour Championships to a whole new level…
·         The vert ramp will be built over the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s West Beach Club Pool
·         The skate park course, N.E.R.D concert Friday night and the Dew Cup awards ceremony on Sunday will all be hosted in the famed concert venue, The Joint
·         New city, bigger course, more points, more prize money, one-of-a-kind venue, Sunday pool party, and more!
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Available at ticketmaster.com only.


Throw- back time: Brian Kachinsky 2003-04

Brian's part in "System," lots of great falls but as Evel Knievel said: "If you fall, you’re never a failure as long as you try to get up"  (it doesn't mean it won't hurt.... )


Etnies BMX presents Brian Kachinsky

Brian's Top 3:
Top three movies:
  1. Slapshot
  2. Hurt Locker
  3. Shawshank Redemption
Top three favorite non-BMX pastimes:
  1. Traveling
  2. Hockey
  3. Traveling again
Top three things you are afraid of:
  1. Losing my wallet/passport on a trip
  2. Not doing something I know I can do
  3. Running out of coffee
Read more HERE on Enties Website


Brian Kachinsky: Photos from the road

 Bug! Splat. Driving back to Chicago


Flying to Vegas

Dream ride....

Taken from an i-phone, what technology!


Chris Doyle Wins the Nora Cup!

We caught up with Action Village Pro rider after winning the Nora Cup's best dirt biker of the year award. Here are a few words from the man himself about a night that goes down in the BMX history books. 

Chris getting carried after receiving his award.
 (ActionVillage.com):What is the best thing about winning this award and what does it mean to you? (Chris Doyle): The best thing about winning this award is that it's voted on by my fellow riders and industry folks.  To me, it's everything!  Like I said on the mic, I just enjoy riding trails and doing what feels right to me.  I don't have the tricks that so many of the other riders have and what I do have probably won't ever win me titles or anything like that.  So, to have my simple style of riding appreciated to the extent that I'd win a NORA cup means SO much to me.

AV: Looking back on all of your hard work, is there anyone or groups of people that have really helped you?  
CD: There's been so many people, groups of people, that have come into my life through riding that have helped me so much. This, by no means, was a personal award but more an award for all my friends and sponsors.  

AV: What did you do to celebrate?  
CD: Haha that was a pretty wild night.  There were lots of hugs and lots of drinks... a few tears too.  Hahaha.  Believe it or not, some of my friends had tears streaming down their cheeks that night. 
Chris and friends

AV: Whats the next goal in your bmx career?
CD: This one will be hard to top!  I just wanna keep riding and stay healthy.  To me, BMX is not about winners and losers but more about being a part of a great community.  I'd just like to continue to be a part of it all and see where else it takes me in the future.

Check out this video from the event! Way to go Chris!