Jeff K Spotlight

Pro- Profile 

Name:  Jeff Anthony Klugiewicz
Age: 26
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wi
Resides: Eastside of Milwaukee
Year started bmx and why: 2000, all my friends in HS were riding so I decided to grab a bike and join them.

Top 3:

Reasons to like ActionVillage:
1. Amazing Team.
2. They have everything!
3. They have and continue to support Bmx threw Events and Contests.

Bike Spots:
1. Estabrook
2. 4 Seasons Skatepark of Milwaukee

People to ride with:
1. BK
2. Cohl
3. Lil Jon

Favorite Foods:
1. Sobelman's (best burgers)
2. Ian's Pizza
3. Comet Cafe

People to Follow on Twitter:
1. @Etniesbmx
2. @its_Jeff
3. @GaryJBusey
And make sure you follow me...  @jklugiewicz
(Ed note: and us @ActionVillage)

Things you don't know about me:
1.  I Love building things...
2.  I love throwing events and contest.
3.  Play way to many video games in the winter season.

Parts on your bike:
1.  My Mankind "Forward" Frame
2.  My new Profile Racing "dusted Purple" sig color hubs.
3.  My ODI "O" Grips...  They're Amazing!

Fill in the Blanks--

[www.Midwestbmx.net] is my favorite website besides ActionVillage.com

I would [do something stupid] for 100 dollars.

When I was 16 I was [just getting into BMX].

To me BMX means [everything].

Everyone should take time to [look at the world around you, it's amazing].

My favorite thing besides BMX is [film/photography/editing]

The last person I called was [my Mom]

[Michael Jordan]  was my hero growing up and [My Dad]  is my hero now.

The best advice I ever got was [the best way to predict you future, is to create it]

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