Chris Doyle Wins the Nora Cup!

We caught up with Action Village Pro rider after winning the Nora Cup's best dirt biker of the year award. Here are a few words from the man himself about a night that goes down in the BMX history books. 

Chris getting carried after receiving his award.
 (ActionVillage.com):What is the best thing about winning this award and what does it mean to you? (Chris Doyle): The best thing about winning this award is that it's voted on by my fellow riders and industry folks.  To me, it's everything!  Like I said on the mic, I just enjoy riding trails and doing what feels right to me.  I don't have the tricks that so many of the other riders have and what I do have probably won't ever win me titles or anything like that.  So, to have my simple style of riding appreciated to the extent that I'd win a NORA cup means SO much to me.

AV: Looking back on all of your hard work, is there anyone or groups of people that have really helped you?  
CD: There's been so many people, groups of people, that have come into my life through riding that have helped me so much. This, by no means, was a personal award but more an award for all my friends and sponsors.  

AV: What did you do to celebrate?  
CD: Haha that was a pretty wild night.  There were lots of hugs and lots of drinks... a few tears too.  Hahaha.  Believe it or not, some of my friends had tears streaming down their cheeks that night. 
Chris and friends

AV: Whats the next goal in your bmx career?
CD: This one will be hard to top!  I just wanna keep riding and stay healthy.  To me, BMX is not about winners and losers but more about being a part of a great community.  I'd just like to continue to be a part of it all and see where else it takes me in the future.

Check out this video from the event! Way to go Chris!

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